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Used Starbucks branded glasses soared in price

by Jurgen

Used Starbucks branded glasses soared in price

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Brand coffee shop prices jumped 500 times

Americans buy glasses with recognizable symbols to feel at home “like in a cafe”.

Demand for reusable plastic cups has grown in American online stores Starbucks, which provoked an increase in prices for them. About this writes Business Insider.

Glasses that change color are especially in demand. A set of such Starbucks costs $ 20. A signature glass Confetti – four dollars. However, it’s impossible to buy such in coffee houses now. Due to coronavirus Starbucks limited the sale of coffee in reusable glasses, and also closed more than half of its coffee houses in the US and Canada.

You can now buy branded glasses of a coffee house only with your hands and often already in use.

Demand triggered prices. The margin in online stores on them now reaches 500%.

CEO of the online store Poshmark Manish Chandra said that buyers usually use glasses from Starbucksto recreate the atmosphere of a coffee house at home.

“People make coffee at home and pour it into signature glasses or mugs to arrange virtual coffee meetings at Zoom,” Chandra said.

Earlier, Starbucks coffee shop chain said. which will increase the number of non-cash payment options to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection of clients.

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